Press release - 15 February 2024 12:07


On 18 January 2024, JYSK colleagues laid out 1,535 pillows on the top of the Tempodrom in Berlin, forming the longest line of pillows in the world. This achievement earned a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title.

On Thursday 18 January 2024, more than 1,200 JYSK employees gathered at the Tempodrom in Berlin for a nationwide sales meeting. At these meetings, a fun activity is always planned to strengthen the team spirit among the employees. This year’s activity was something special, namely a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ record attempt.

“JYSK stands for team spirit and shared success. We always have an interactive, sporting component at our major sales events. After the record sales year, we now wanted to take the opportunity to set another record together. With this record attempt, we want to show that we at JYSK know no limits, and that anything you set your mind to can be possible,” says Christian Schirmer, Country Director in JYSK Germany.

1,535 pillows in 40 minutes

To successfully complete a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ attempt and receive the certificate, 1,535 pillows had to be lined up in a single file with a length of 464 metres. Each pillow had to touch its neighbour, and the arranged line was not allowed to cross at any point.

100 of the assembled JYSK employees got to work on the top of the building. The record attempt was completed within about 40 minutes.

Green light for the record

The adjudicator from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™, Seyda Subasi-Gemici, had travelled from Türkiye specifically for this attempt, and she gave the green light on-site after carefully checking the pillow line.

JYSK is therefore now the official holder of a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the world’s longest line of pillows.

“It was great fun to watch the JYSK team attempt the record. Everything went according to our strict regulations, and I am pleased to be able to present JYSK with the valuable GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ certificate,” says Seyda Subasi-Gemici.

The certificate now resides in JYSK’s Regional Head Office in Handewitt, northern Germany.