Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At JYSK, we see diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as a strength for our business.

We know from internal surveys that we already have a strong inclusion culture at JYSK where our employees feel seen and heard. 
Still there is work to be done to create more diversity and equity.

To ensure that we continue our strong focus on DEI, we have anchored the work with our top management to identify, develop and implement actions across our business as needed.

Our goal is to

Mirror our customers and their diversity 
while also creating 
a workplace where employees feel 
a sense of belonging and respected for 
their individuality.


Give our employees equal opportunities 
to grow their careers 
and their personal development at JYSK.


Use data to strengthen and guide our work to become more diverse and create more opportunities for the less represented 
groups in 
our workforce.

Be transparent about our progress.


At JYSK, we have three attitudes for our DEI efforts:



At JYSK, our employees should reflect the populations of all the various communities where we are present



At JYSK, everyone should have equal opportunities, fair treatment and mutual respect no matter who you are


At JYSK, we should ensure a workplace where any individual is welcomed, respected, supported and has a sense of belonging

JYSK DEI Core Principles

At JYSK, we want to live DEI 
through the following Core Principles:

DEI Core Principles 1


See DEI as a Strength

DEI Core Principles 2


Everyone’s responsibility, starting with Leadership

DEI Core Principles 3


Spread the word through Transparency

DEI Core Principles 4


Take advantage of Data to support Decisions

DEI Core Principles 5


Think Global, act Local

DEI Core Principles 6


It’s a Marathon