Save the Children

Main sponsor of Save the Children

Since 2015 JYSK is main sponsor of Save the Children in Denmark. The sponsorship aims to make a positive difference for the most disadvantaged children and young people in Denmark and in the rest of the world by providing better opportunities for education and development.

Together with the Lars Larsen-owned chains IDEmøbler, ILVA and SengeSpecialisten, JYSK donates EUR 268,000 over a period of two years to Save the Children Denmark’s work at home and abroad.

With the EUR 268,000 Save the Children Denmark will be able to do even more to help the many children that are affected by wars and catastrophes around the world. The money will, among other things, be used to build temporary schools, where children and young people can get an education and find comfort and stability in an otherwise chaotic everyday life.

In Denmark the sponsorship makes it possible to increase the efforts on preventing bullying by creating communities for children, where there is room for all.


JYSK’s collaboration with Save the Children Denmark is not new. Since 2008, JYSK has been business partners with Save the Children's Nordic division on the Work2Learn project. Work2Learn aims to provide poor and working children and young people in Bangladesh with the chance to receive vocational training, which combines schooling with practical experience at a textile factory. After completing their education, the young people have the chance to work a proper job and earn a fair wage. The purpose of the project is to give disadvantaged children and young people the opportunity to create a better future, and to build better living conditions in general for the youth of Bangladesh.

A positive development

Work2Learn is a 'multi-stakeholder project', in which several Scandinavian companies, organisations, educational institutions and Save the Children have joined together to effect positive change for children and young people in Bangladesh.

Work2Learn began as a pilot project. JYSK has been involved from the very beginning and has helped develop a model for the best means of implementing a project to help working children and young people in Bangladesh.

"Work2Learn has proven to be a success, and it has grown from being a pilot project to become a number of concurrent projects. Many of the young people who were previously child labourers are now in lawful employment, where they earn 10 times as much as they did before they received an education through Work2Learn," says Camilla Erika Lerberg, the head of CSR and Child Rights at Save the Children Denmark.

In addition to its financial support, between 2008 and 2012 JYSK also contributed labour hours and a local supplier. Contact to local suppliers is one of the project's key elements, as it is important that Bangladeshi suppliers also act to provide young people with quality traineeships. Since 2012, JYSK has served as a corporate sponsor of Save the Children, by which JYSK provides financial support to organisation's work in Bangladesh, which includes Work2Learn. In 2015 the coorporation between JYSK and Save the Children was expanded as JYSK became the main sponsor of Save the Children in Denmark.  


Education leads to opportunities

Sunny is one of the children who has received an education through Work2Learn. Today he works in sewing machine maintenance at one of the largest factories in Dhaka. He earns enough to help his family and to put some money aside.

"Without an education, you have zero opportunities. We need everyone to be able to receive an education," Sunny says.

In addition to professional qualifications, Work2Learn has given Sunny self-confidence and ambitions for the future.

Denmark's Crown Prince pays a visit to the JYSK-supported project